Marketing or Marketing is a blend of activities that are interconnected to determine consumer needs and develop the promotion, distribution, service and prices to consumers’ needs can be satisfied with either at certain profit level. With the existence of consumer marketing no longer need to personally meet individually with exchanges between consumers and marketing agents so that consumers will have plenty of time for activities that are controlled or preferred. Marketing Functions: 1. Exchange Function By marketing buyers can buy products from manufacturers either by exchange money with the product or exchange the product with products (barter) for own use or for resale. 2. Physical Distribution Function Physical distribution of a product is done by transporting and storing the product. Products shipped from the manufacturer toward the needs of consumers with a lot of ways either through water, land, air, etc.. Storage products in order to prioritize maintain no shortage of product supply when needed. 3. Intermediary Functions To convey the product from producer to consumer’s hand can be done pelalui marketing intermediaries that connect the exchange with the physical distribution activities. Intermediary functions among other activities, such as risk reduction, financing, information search and standardize / product classification.