1.a. Adu clause : Adu clause. An adjektiv ctause consists of asubieck and apradicate that modities apreceding huon ourpronon
B. Adu comman : Ave sign “!” – in the and santance lioke the exp: do you home work !!
C. adu request : this adverb use when you want to ask someone
1. I was planning to yo to your home
2. if you join this organization I will join too
3. I will be leading this company
4. I want to respont the problem to my fore casting
5. my father directed me in my task
6. my friend give motivation for me to exam
7. my mother was controlling me to doing my task
8. my father doing his job as staff in a company
9. my mother was coordinating my schedule for Friday
10. I wass fore casting the weather